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Useful AEM articles


 These are some of the useful kb articles of AEM AEM 6.x AEM_6_TarMK_Online_Compaction : If you are seeing rapid repository growth on an AEM 6.x instance aem6-available-hotfixes : Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 hot fixes aem61-available-hotfixes : Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 hot fixes DisableLineChecker : Disable the CQ5 Link Checker AEM 5.x AnalyzeMemoryProblems : […]

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Exception while calling a Servlet in AEM


 Question:  I am trying to access a servlet with a doPost method from the JSP and getting the following exception -Caused by Resource at ‘/location/Stores’ is not modifiable.   at     at     at My bundle is built successfully and the resource resolver shows the path as expected and resolves to […]

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Any ideas on how to relate 2 assets in the AEM DAM


 You can may be create a static collection. Please refer to These just group the images you select in to a collection. Collections are a logical concept. Referencing one asset with another (unless they are literal sub assets liek psd file and its png file etc), is not recommended. Please make use of collections and […]

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